About Us

What makes us such an effective pest control site is the fact that most of us come from a gardening background. Gardening is the number one area in our lives where pests are simply the worst. Never mind the pests that get into the house, it happens, but when pests get into the garden, they can cause a great deal of damage and counteract a lot of hard work that people have done to achieve certain things in the garden. This is why we have dedicated our company to getting rid of pests not only in the home, but the garden as well.

What we have learned during our research is that pests in the garden is something that a lot of people take for granted. They think that the bugs in the garden belong there and that their plants are supposed to have little bite marks in them. What they don’t understand is that these pests are doing damage to plants and that they do not belong in the garden at all. Gardens can live without pests and pests without gardens, and it has been our lifelong goal to show people how.

Get them out

Pests in the garden just like pests in the house are attracted to certain aspects of the environment. For example, in the home they often hide in upholstery and other places that are conducive to their breeding and harborage, and the same goes for the garden. They are attracted to the environment, but mostly because of the food in this instance, which is why you need special treatment to get rid of pests in the garden.